It all began from Aleksis Kivi's footsteps in Nurmijärvi, which was the breeding ground for the culture and foolish ideas.

The Heilä Brothers, no fewer than four, are from the same centuries-old crofter's cottage, where Aleksis Kivi's book "Seitsemän Veljestä" was originated from according to a study published in 2009, (Ahti Gåpa & Heikki Harju / Seitsemän Veljestä, myyteistä faktoiksi) that they once lived on Vihtijärvi. The current farm where the Heilä family lives, is an inspiring place. There is really something about those woods!

In Winter 2009 Aarni and Ilmo Heilä began to plan a short movie in their own back yard about two brothers who live in an old early 19th century built cottage. The plan of a bigger feature film started to grow bigger and bigger in their heads. When the man who was named "the artist" megalomaniac Riku Pasanen heard from the idea, it was immediately clear that the historical feature film were to be undertaken. This is simply something a man has to do!

When there is an extremely good batch of friends / relatives involved, all full of genuine enthusiasm, their goal was to capture an old-fashioned filmspirit, even amateurs can not go completely into the woods - and exactly there!

Parts of the film have been shot at the famous museum of Taabori mountain, where Kivi also was enjoying his time. Respecting our hero's footsteps, the authors have compiled a bunch of local cultural treasures starting from the internationally acclaimed multi-artist Toivo Jaatinen's patented Torvirumpu (it really rocks by the way!). At this stage, it is clear now that the guys have built something original!

”Tall Stories” will be released on March 26th, 2011 in Nurmijärvi, Finland.